Sentinel invests in recapitalization of Growing Family

NEW YORK, November 15, 1995 - Sentinel Capital Partners is pleased to announce its investment in Growing Family, Inc. Sentinel originated, sponsored and provided the equity financing in a recapitalization transaction valued at $46.5 million.

Growing Family's core business is the largest provider of in-hospital infant portrait services in the United States and Canada, and operates under the FirstFoto trade name. Growing Family's second business, the rapidly growing e-commence web site, offers various products and services to new families. Growing Family's third business is a rapidly growing and highly profitable information and marketing service business targeting large consumer product/service companies and new families. Growing Family was established in 1954 and has an established track record of consistent growth and profitability.

First Foto enjoys exclusive contracts with more than 2,750 of all hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Approximately 3.2 million of the 4.0 million babies born annually in North America are born in First Foto hospitals. Growing Family's representatives personally interact with more than 70% of all new mothers in North America within hours of the birth event. Because of this interaction, Growing Family possesses the most comprehensive and current database of families with newborns and can offer a powerful and captive distribution channel to leading consumer product/service companies seeking proprietary and timely access to new mothers. Growing Family has capitalized on its unique relationship with new mothers by building an information and marketing service business designed to provide consumer product/service companies with a portal to its customer base and to give new mothers information about and access to a variety of products and services.