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AirBoss Defense Group


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Sentinel’s involvement with AirBoss Defense Group began with an investment in Critical Solutions International, leading global supplier of landmine and improvised explosive device detection vehicles, systems and support services to U.S. and foreign military forces. Sentinel partnered in the transaction with CSI's founders, Tennessee Valley Ventures, and senior management.

Founded in 1999, CSI has been an important resource to the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, and the Canadian Armed Forces for testing, developing and supplying landmine detection vehicles and systems. CSI's primary product, the Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection system, is a unique, life-saving, combat-proven vehicle that is blast-survivable, field-reparable, four-wheel steerable, and highly effective at detecting all forms of land-based explosive devices. Today the Husky is a Program of Record with a DX Rating—the highest possible rating granted by the U.S. armed forces. CSI's vehicle systems are designed to enhance the military's mobility by detecting improvised explosive devices and landmines in harsh combat conditions. Its systems also mark and detonate landmines and IEDs during route clearance operations ahead of military convoys. CSI's systems are not only safe to operate, but also save lives and prevent catastrophic injuries to service personnel in combat settings.

In January 2020, CSI merged with the defense subsidiary of publicly traded AirBoss of America Corp. (TSX: BOS) creating a new company, AirBoss Defense Group. With operations in Acton Vale, Quebec and Landover, Maryland, AirBoss Defense Group is a market leader that provides mission-critical and lifesaving personal protective equipment to withstand chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and toxic industrial chemical exposure. The combination brings together two highly complementary businesses that are global leaders in personal protective equipment and route clearance solutions. With the extraordinary success of AirBoss Defense Group, AirBoss of America made an offer to purchase the minority ownership we owned, which led to us exchanging our ownership stake in Airboss Defense Group for a stake in AirBoss of America Corp. Sentinel ultimately sold its holdings in AirBoss of America in September 2021 in a highly successful transaction.

Through our 10-year ownership, CSI experienced a long period of contracting defense spending and depressed demand for its products as the U.S. military withdrew from Iraq and Afghanistan and defense spending budgets were constrained. In the face of an exceedingly difficult and protracted market downturn, CSI management team demonstrated extraordinary resilience. They developed new lifesaving solutions for military and healthcare personnel that made possible the merger with CSI that created AirBoss Defense Group. Since then, AirBoss Defense Group has become a critical supplier to the U.S. Government in the fight against the COVID-19 with a suite of products geared to the safety of frontline healthcare workers. CSI’s turnaround reflects remarkable perseverance and determination by its exceptionally talented management team, whose leadership has well positioned AirBoss Defense Group to continue to provide critical lifesaving equipment to the U.S. Government and its allies.


North American Rescue, LLC


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North American Rescue, headquartered in Greer, South Carolina, is the leading developer and distributer of tactical emergency medical equipment to the U.S. military, law enforcement and other organizations that employ trauma care professionals. NAR has enjoyed the honor of serving its country, community, and customers by providing innovative casualty care solutions at home and abroad. NAR is leading the effort to decrease preventable death on the battlefield, whether it be a foreign combat zone or the streets of America.

Founded in 1996, NAR serves armed forces medical personnel, first responders, and other healthcare professionals by providing solutions that decrease preventable deaths on the battlefield and other austere conditions. NAR's founders were former U.S. military pararescuemen who recognized first-hand a need for quality casualty care products and procedures to treat combat-related injuries. In leveraging their significant military casualty care experience, NAR's management team has developed many life-saving products that are now standard-issue equipment for combat soldiers and tactical vehicles.

NAR's customers are the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and law enforcement professionals. NAR’s success stems from the background and experience of its executives in the Special Operations units of the U.S. military and the military medical community.

NAR is considered a thought leader in emergency trauma care and has collaborated with the military medical community, civilian institutions, and government organizations specializing in the development of tactical medical and rescue training standards. NAR also collaborates with the Tactical Combat Care Committee, which leads the development of solutions for unconventional medical and rescue operations in combat environments.

NAR is Sentinel’s second investment in the defense sector. The first was ReachOut Healthcare America, Ltd. the nation’s leading provider of administrative support services to affiliated dentists in the mobile dental industry, serving military personnel, underprivileged children, and seniors.

In February 2015, after achieving substantially all of our investment objectives, NAR was sold to another private equity firm. Since Sentinel's original investment, NAR rapidly expanded its civilian first responder revenues while continuing to serve its profitable military customers. NAR remains well positioned to continue growing under the leadership of its outstanding management team.


ReachOut Healthcare America, Ltd.

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ReachOut Healthcare America, based in Phoenix, AZ, ReachOut provides mobile dental services to under-served children in schools and foster programs, to the aged and disabled in residential facilities, and to US Army and National Guard units throughout the country. ReachOut provides dental service to nearly 80,000 children and 30,000 armed-services personnel each year. ReachOut offers a complete array of diagnostic, preventative, restorative, prosthodontic, and periodontal dental services.

ReachOut is the leader in a large and growing market that is significantly underserved, and its mobile model is scalable into numerous end-markets such as the military and nursing homes.

In November 2007, Sentinel Capital Partners and management acquired ReachOut in a management buyout transaction. Marshall & Ilsley Bank provided debt financing for the transaction. Sentinel originated, sponsored and negotiated the transaction, arranged the acquisition debt and provided private equity financing from Sentinel Capital Partners III, L.P.

In August 2008, ReachOut acquired Mobile Dentists, its largest competitor, creating a company that is the nation’s leader in mobile dental services. The combined company operates in 21 states and provided dental care to more than 250,000 low-income children in 2008. Sentinel originated, sponsored and negotiated the transaction, arranged the acquisition debt and provided equity financing from Sentinel Capital Partners III, L.P.

In December 2010, after achieving substantially all of its investment objectives, Sentinel sold ReachOut in a management buyout transaction. Since Sentinel's original investment, ReachOut's profitability has more than tripled. Today ReachOut has a national leadership position and is well positioned to continue growing.


Total Military Management, Inc.

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Total Military Management is the leading global provider of relocation services for U.S. military and government personnel. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, TMM is a technology-enabled, asset-light provider of logistical, administrative, sales and marketing services to a network of transportation service providers.

TMM targets the fragmented $2.5 billion U.S. military moving and storage industry, which is comprised of approximately 300,000 annual relocations of the 1.3 million active duty U.S. military members and their families. TMM utilizes its sophisticated technology systems, operating infrastructure, and global network of service providers to manage the resource-intensive and administratively complex logistical tasks associated with military relocations.