We work as a team and our management partners have broad access to Sentinel's resources

Sentinel works as a team, strives to make collaborative, consensus decisions, and provides portfolio executives broad access to our resources and the perspectives of our professionals. In establishing and managing Sentinel, our goal is to build a private equity firm that is:


  • Flexible, quick to respond, creative, and non-bureaucratic.

  • Committed to working as a team internally and with our portfolio companies.

  • Focused on making few investments each year and doing them exceedingly well.

  • Optimistic, with the discipline and work ethic to systematically help our management partners reduce or eliminate business risk.


Each Sentinel deal team consists of several professionals who work closely with each portfolio company. This level of commitment enables our management partners to have full access to our resources and benefit from the multiple perspectives of our professionals.

Sentinel's approach is to make relatively few investments every year to ensure that our portfolio companies get the attention and support we believe they deserve. Our interests are therefore closely aligned with those of our management partners: we share a significant commitment to, and a vested interest in, the success of each portfolio company.

We assist with strategy development; identify and help execute add-on acquisitions; optimize balance sheet capitalization; structure attractive compensation arrangements that align interests; and generally help and advise our management partners. We do not interfere in day-to-day operations.

At a Glance

  • Team culture based on collaboration
  • Flexible, nimble and creative
  • Forge partnerships with management