We target innovative leaders in niche markets

To be a good fit for Sentinel, a new investment must allow us to work in partnership with management. Sentinel targets eight industry sectors in which we have relevant experience and an established record. Within these sectors, we target leading companies in niche markets, and we seek management teams interested in becoming meaningful shareholders of their companies.

We seek change-in-control opportunities, which frequently arise from buyouts of family or entrepreneur-founded businesses that seek a succession option, corporate divestitures of non-core businesses, and going-private transactions. We also invest in companies undergoing restructurings or turnarounds, and are flexible about the type of transaction we will pursue. Highlights of Sentinel's investment focus include:


Investment Size

Up to $175 million of equity per transaction

Company Size

Up to $65 million of EBITDA for platform companies;
no minimum for add-ons

Target Industries

Aerospace / Defense
Business Services


Food / Restaurants

Transaction Types

Management Buyouts
Purchase of Family Businesses
Corporate Divestitures
Going Private
Special Situations/ Restructurings
Operational Turnarounds


In considering an investment opportunity, our most important criteria are:


  • A strong and committed management team with a long-term outlook.

  • Market leadership in product line, distribution channel, cost position, geography, or technology.

  • A diversified customer base, product line, or addressable market.

  • An opportunity to grow organically or via acquisition.

  • Meaningful management ownership during our watch.

At a Glance

  • Up to $175 million of equity per transaction
  • Up to $65 million of EBITDA
  • Target eight industry sectors
  • Focus on lower midmarket
  • Change in control
  • Flexible about type of transaction
  • Meaningful management ownership