We only do friendly transactions

A central component of Sentinel's investment strategy is to pursue friendly negotiated transactions with management partners who can participate meaningfully in the rewards of success. We seek to:


  • Partner with talented management teams who have long-term perspectives and stand to share meaningfully in the rewards of success.

  • Participate only in friendly, negotiated private equity transactions.

  • Focus on companies with up to $65 million of EBITDA for platform investments.

  • Target eight industry sectors that correspond to our direct experience and ability to add value.

    • Aerospace / Defense

    • Business Services

    • Consumer

    • Distribution

    • Food / Restaurants

    • Franchising

    • Healthcare

    • Industrials

  • Invest in buyouts of traditional businesses with solid fundamentals.

  • Pursue investment opportunities that can generate high risk-adjusted returns.

At a Glance

  • Share rewards with our management partners
  • Pursue only friendly transactions
  • Focus on midmarket
  • Target eight industry sectors