Independent sponsors, merchant banks, and family offices bring valuable ideas, relationships, and domain expertise

Sentinel is always eager to connect with potential investment partners. Co-investing has been a big part of our history: many of our private equity investments have been with independent sponsors, merchant banks, and family offices. We value the relationships and domain expertise that our investment partners can bring, and we have found that these investors frequently offer a unique angle that can make a potential transaction more attractive. For our investment partners, the benefits of working with Sentinel include open access to our sector experience, a two-way relationship that can speed up closing when an investment opportunity arises, and greater certainty of closing.

Sentinel has considerable flexibility in how it structures its equity investments to accommodate the needs of our co-investment partners. We can also assist with due diligence, debt financing, and other areas of transaction execution, both pre- and post-closing. In addition, we can shoulder the heavy burden of transaction costs.

At a Glance

  • Broad and deep private equity experience
  • Responsible stewards of businesses
  • Friendly and supportive co-investment partners
  • Lower midmarket focus
  • Fully integrated transaction execution team
  • Equipped to execute a variety of private equity transactions
  • Can shoulder burden of transaction costs