We seek talented management partners who have long-term outlooks

When Sentinel considers investing in a new company, we look for talented executives who wish to share meaningfully in the rewards of success. While we do not actively participate in the management of our portfolio companies’ operations, Sentinel brings capital and board-level experience to help facilitate growth. We also partner with business owners who seek a professional investor and responsible steward to help scale their businesses or to implement an orderly leadership transition plan.

Sentinel strives to be collaborative and consensus-driven. We provide executives access to a broad set of resources and perspectives. The same team of Sentinel professionals works closely with management during all phases of the private equity investment. This level of commitment enables us to build strong relationships with our management partners and provides continuity. After closing the transaction, we assist with board-level strategy development; identify and provide support executing add-on acquisitions; and help manage and optimize the capital structure. We work with management teams to establish attractive short- and long-term compensation arrangements to align interests and ensure that key team members participate meaningfully in future value creation.

At a Glance

  • Willing and able to help and advise
  • Responsible stewards of businesses
  • Broad and deep midmarket experience
  • Friendly and supportive partners